Spheretic is an openworld physics platformer that's all about speed, exploration, and discovery (think, steampunk sonic!). It has puzzles. And guns. And maybe teleporters and other hidden stuff. But definitely massive buzzsaws. And a world that hates you. Can you find out why?

The Story

Set in a world of mechanical life, Cell awakes to find himself deserted. With friends he meets along the way, he must explore to find out what happened, what's going to happen, and how he fits in to it all.

The Fun

I love games that give you that great feeling of unlocking and discovering new areas, new abilities, and the potential to solve puzzles in a way the original designers never thought of. That's what I've put into Spheretic wherever I can. From the very beginning, you can see areas of the world that you can't get to without exploring and unlocking new abilities. Or maybe you can get there... there's a modern physics engine powering the platforming action, so perhaps there is a way I hadn't discovered... I can't wait to see what speedruns people achieve.

I won't mention the possibly friendly, possible malevolent messages you get as you explore. You'll have to discover them yourselves.

The Release Date

When it's done... naturally. Follow on twitter to get demo and beta release announcements!

Also, puns. Lots of puns.