Nice to Meet You!

Nikki Heald

Generally in charge of everything

I've been playing video games since I was 6, and coding since I was 8, all beginning with a ZX Spectrum my parents bought. They made me promise that for every hour of games I played, I'd spend an hour learning to program too, and it worked out well.

I spent most of my professional time with web development and systems administration, producing a little game here and there as a hobby but never releasing much beyond my friends and family. However, after a back injury put me out of action and I couldn't go out and promote my new career choice of Hypnotherapy (yeah, figure that one out...) I turned towards games again, iterating through an idea again and again until it eventually became Spheretic.

In my spare time I enjoy playing the guitar, composing earworms in sunvox, and finding prepositions you can end sentences with.

Wayne Peters

Makes everything pretty

Wayne is psychic. That's the only explanation we can come up with. You have an idea, roughly describe it to him, and he sends you back exactly what you were visualising, only with all the bits you didn't realise would make it so much better than you originally thought.

Wayne's portfolio site is Crowstuff.

Natalie Griffith

The reason you're reading this

Natalie is in charge of our PR. She's been in love with games since the days of Manic Miner, and is the greatest PR person on the planet. She also approves all copy for this website. (Those last two sentences may or may not be related.)

If you're an indie developer and want to do PR right, visit her at Press Space.

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